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59 DAYS TO 2021.

Happy new month & week everyone.

Today being the 2nd of November, we officially have 59 days left until the end of 2020.

Consequently, I want to encourage you, to start completing an inventory of the year thus far, so you know how to maximise your time & assets in the new year.

Whatever mental, emotional, physical or spiritual state you are in right now, it is essential that you sit up & get yourself together.

With 59 days left until 2020 ends, you need to maximise each moment, second & hour of the day, so you can end the year in style & welcome the new year.

What will you be doing in the new year or will it be just another wasted year that goes bye for you?

To successfully answer this question, you have got to intentionally strategise now.

Don't make the mistake most people do by waiting until 2021, to decide what you're going to be doing throughout!

Have a lovely day everyone xe.

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