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You are Important!

Updated: May 12, 2022

Most of us ignore our health & well-being at the expense of others, because we've somehow convinced ourselves that ensuring others are OK is more important than US.

We go as far as saying things like "I can only relax or settle when I know they're OK, no-one else will do it if I don't & it's my responsibility to ensure they're OK, I don't have time to worry about ME". As noble as your intentions may be, this narrative is false & wrong.

Give yourself permission to rest, be happy & pampered, because you're human & not a robot or a machine. Even machines breakdown when they're over used & worn-out.

If you struggle with this concept of looking after yourself, you can learn to restructure your brain & change your narrative.

Get in touch today & let's have a chat about how I can serve you, because YOU ARE IMPORTANT. xe


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