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What you see matters!

We all have wounds & scars regardless of our age or position in life. We can't see or tell the wounds that we carry, but they impact how we see ourselves & the world around us.

Overcoming mental health issues, requires you to become aware of your wounds, so they can fully heal without becoming open wounds that never heal.

Wounds are supposed to heal & become scars that we learn to live with & admire over time. If you find yourself constantly crying or reliving emotions when you look at your scars, you’re not healed! You just have an open wound acting like a scar.

For healing to begin, you have to unpick your wounds & uncover the roots. It may hurt, bleed & be uncomfortable, but trust me if you hang in there & endure, it will be worth it when you can smile at what you see in the mirror, because what you see matters. xe


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