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Launching Information

Updated: May 3, 2021


Victorious Women Breaking Barriers (V.W.B.B) is a Social Enterprise that supports Women and the Youth get Liberated from Limits to their Infinite Potential!

Our aim:

- Is to lead people to receive Healing & Deliverance from their past;

- Help people live a happy Fulfilled & Wholesome Life;

- Create a Paradigm Shift through a renewed Mindset;

- Encourage Women & Young People to Soar above endless possibilities;

- Help Clients to discover their Authentic Selves;

- Stretch your thinking beyond limits of your Comfort Zone;

- Increase Self-awareness & Life Possibilities.

Long-term Goals

- Liaise with other professional to provide further interventions across the globe;

- Establish & Set-up Intervention Programmes for Young People (addressing Mental & Psychological Barriers);

- Reduce & Eradicate the number of Delinquency;

- Restore Broken Relationships & Family Units;

- Inspire & Ignite hope in the Next Generation.

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