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Updated: May 4, 2021

Afternoon everyone I trust your day is going well thus far.

Whilst watching the news last week, there was a report on the Thailand protest that got my attention, as one of the protesters was being interviewed. She was asked why she went out to protest and whether she was not scared about getting arrested for engaging with the protest against the government?

Her response is what caught my attention, as she stated that "I've moved beyond fear of arrest. I'm more afraid of being enslaved for the rest of my life".

This response, particularly the part about "being ENSLAVED" for the rest of her life, caught my attention, as it reminded me of why V.W.B.B was established. Which was to break the cycle of Mental Health issues & Psychological Barriers, within families, Women and Young People..., to break the pattern of enslavement within our Society today.

The 1st part of the protesters' response, was that she had "moved beyond fear of arrest".

This also got me thinking about why most people refuse to seek help for Mental health & Psychological problems, and often choose to remain in their comfort zones or created mess, due to fear of the unknown (new change) or fear of others (perceptions).

While fear can be a positive thing, it can sometimes be detrimental to your health and well-being, if you don't seek the help you need.

Whatever you're afraid of in life, will keep you bound and stop you from moving forward in life and achieve your goals.

Hence, as you start a new week and day, think about this and ask yourself, what am I really scared off when it comes to change?

Have a good day xe

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