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The past few days of 2021 has been mentally challenging for me. I've been extremely busy with work, to the point that my perception of time is completely eroded & I've found myself feeling so exhausted & physically drained.

In spite of this I still made time to attend a virtual conference last night which lasted for 3 hrs. Some might call this stupidity or determination, take a pick 😉. I don't normally engage with such things especially not when tired.

In all honesty I would not have joined the conference if it wasn't been hosted by a friend, but I'm so glad I did & stayed to the end. The calibre of guest speakers were incredible & each had a unique story.

Some of you reading this may be wondering where this post is going, frankly I'm not even sure myself, but I do know that there was one thing that resonated with me. Which was a statement from one of the speakers something like "some people help others at the detriment of themselves ". For most people this statement means nothing & for others it's an insult because of their lack of perception.

The reason this statement resonates with me, is because it's something I know to be true about myself & many Women out there particularly Mums. Sadly not many of us get the chance to reflect & reconsider the harm we're inflicting on ourselves, until it's too late, because we have convinced ourselves that things will fall apart if we don't hold them together being the superwoman that we are.

As a therapist I know that Mental Health is real & as a Woman I know that it's not always easy to ask for help or put yourself first. Yet I know it's not impossible to do, because it's something I've learnt to do differently.


To those Women -Mums, Sisters, Directors,Wives, Girlfriends, Aunties, out there who love that Super Woman label, I urge to rethink, because you don't have to be in an institution or have a diagnosis to suffer from a Mental illness. The next time you're tempted to keep pushing on for others at the detriment of yourself, ask yourself this question Am I useful to them DEAD/ALIVE?

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