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Happy Friday everyone & good morning.

I hope you're all well and had a fabulous week thus far.

Throughout the week, there has been reports on increased number of deaths in Africa, particularly Nigeria as the protest heightens.

As sad & disturbing as this news is, it is evidence of the Broken Justice system, which exists in the country & across many others, be it Africa, Europe or other Western countries.

A caution to those who may feel a disconnection from this incident, as it seems far away & irrelevant to their lives. Whilst this may be true, living in the West or other European countries, does not EXEMPT you from such atrocities, particularly in this current Pandemic state.

The behaviours been observed in Nigeria & other countries across the globe, is evidence of the chaos that arises from the ROOT of BROKENNESS, when it is not dealt with.

Prayer is good whether you're a person of faith or not. Yet this alone, is NOT sufficient to resolve the ROOT cause of BITTERNESS embedded in BROKENNESS.

Especially when dealing with the human race & our interactions with each other, which stems from issues of GREED & ANGER also linked with a state of BROKENNESS.

Hence as a society & individuals, it is time for each of us to wake up & begin addressing these issues within ourselves, to prevent further atrocities across the globe & within our personal lives.

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