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In order to address Mental health & break Psychological barriers, you need to have an open mind, so your scripts and belief system can be challenged, adjusted or changed if needed.

Most people go through life, thinking they are open minded and tolerant of others and themselves. Unfortunately, they are often oblivious to the fact that, they are indirectly sabotaging themselves and/or others, due to their ignorance and intolerance towards others and themselves.

With the above in mind, I would like to challenge you to ponder on the questions below, and honestly answer them to yourself.

  1. How open am I to Change?

  2. Am I really tolerant of others or do I just think I am?

  3. What am I doing that is contributing to the increased Mental Health of others and/or myself?

  4. How open and/or receptive am I, to the views of others?

  5. What will I do differently, based on the responses from these questions?

I hope you find these questions, useful to ponder on over the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend xe

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