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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Since I shared my letter to the past, I thought it was fair to share the one to my future as well.

Here it goes. Again I hope it encourages some of you, to do the same.

Hey girl thank you for hanging in there. Well done for not giving up when the journey got tough & it felt like there was no hope!

See how u're smiling now, with multiple business, streams of income, writing your own songs, books & travelling across the globe bringing liberation to others as you envisioned.

Well done for not giving up on creating your own designs including hair, books, songs, programmes & being on TV Shows & broadcast across the globe!

Well done girl for allowing God to move through you, your family & children. Well done for pursuing with property investment, owning multiple properties & portfolios across the globe!

Girl well done for becoming a Woman of great substance & affluence, through your publications & writings in all these magazine across the globe.

Well done GIRL for not giving up & pushing yourself, so I can congratulate you! xe

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