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Had I known is always at last.

Growing up if anyone had told me, what I now know about myself & what I would be achieving in life I would have mocked in disbelief.

They say "had I known is always at last", often spoken in regret by those who maltreat others, on discovering the success of their victims. l say this to remind you that, whatever challenges you previously faced and/or are currently facing does not have to ruin your life if you don't allow it to!

With 28 days left until we enter the new year, take a stand & decide to turn your life around, so you can break those negative cycles, pursue those dreams, transform your life & that of your loved ones.

For those of you at a stage of despair, don't give up change is possible I'm a testament to it!

Get copies of my book Break Negative Cycles for yourself, "frenemies", colleagues, loved ones etc.

Visit my website below 👇


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