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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

As this week is Mental health awareness week, thought I'd share with y'all a letter I wrote to myself some years ago. I hope it encourages some of you to do the same!

Dear Past Abuse, Pain, Anxiety & Depression of Yesterday. I choose to forgive myself for the things I did, which were not positive & will no longer live with regrets.

Dear Past I thank you for the experience of PAIN, as without the hurt, confusion & tears of sorrow, I'd be missing the INSIGHT & PERCEPTION I now have!

I choose to forgive others for the pain & maltreatment they inflicted on me out of their ignorance. I choose to let go of past failures & self pity. Even though I hated the process & didn't understand at the time, with hindsight I know that it was part of my journey & preparation towards fulfilling purpose & destiny!

Dear past, I thank you for the experience of pain in my yesterday, because they propelled me into the future & gave me FORESIGHT, so thank you for the experience of PAIN regardless of the form it was presented in xe

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