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Those who know me personally or have observed from afar, would describe me as “very serious, strict, kind, crazy, jovial, very quiet, doesn’t say much, observant and a deep thinker”.

Whilst these are all true about me, most people don’t know WHY OR HOW I became the person they know or admire with these attributes.... Hence, thought I'd tell you a bit about Me.

I was born in Ghana and didn’t have the most stable and secure upbringing with lots of life struggles whilst growing up.... My life was LIKE HELL... until God intervened...

Throughout my childhood up until my early twenties, I was subjected to various forms of abuse…. As a result I became extremely angry and was filled with so much bitterness and hatred towards myself & others.

Regardless, of these awful feelings I had, I still loved the various jobs, I had, as it involved children, families & young people. These feelings of BITTERNESS & ANGER intensified when I worked within the Youth Offending Team (Y.O.T) about 21 yrs...

I was privileged to have multiple jobs throughout my teens into my twenties. Until one blessed day when God gave me another job opportunity & that's when things began to change...

The opportunity was working in a Law firm specialising in both Private and Public Childcare & Family Law proceedings. Together with the other jobs I had at the time, I began to notice a pattern and similarities in the experiences between myself & the clients I worked with....

This began to change my perception on life and the experiences I had so far....I felt a great pain on my clients & these young people..& realised that was ME...

Surprisingly, I could not escape the feelings of HEAVY BURDEN & CONCERN, that something had to be done to break this cycle. The cycle of Mental health & children facing abuse from a young age.

This experience led to me working in the PRISON SERVICE for 8 yrs delivering interventions & counselling services...

Hence, during the first lock-down in March 2020, I decided to set up my Organisation VICTORIOUS WOMEN BREAKING BARRIERS, (V.W.B.B). With a sole focus on providing Mental Health and Psychological Support to Women, Young People and Families, across the globe.

As a company, our aim is to break the cycle of Mental Health & Psychological difficulties, by teaching clients to gain Mastery over their Subconscious MIND, to be liberated from limits into their Infinite Potential.

In spite of their upbringing, emotional, sexual, physical and/or psychological abuse.







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