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Looking at the above questions, you might be thinking wow these are heavy questions for a Friday morning!

Yes they certainly are but as you know, I like to challenge you with things to consider no matter the time of day!

Many of you reading this, would by now have felt a sense of discomfort, anger or be intrigued to read on. I want to encourage you to read on, paying careful attention to your emotions.

For a long-time I was in a slumber, captivated by the experiences of abuses including sexual, emotional, physical & psychological etc. I nurtured & replayed these awful experiences, to the point where they became valid reasons for me to become BITTER, ANGRY & DEPRESSED, to the point of almost losing my MIND & Identity!...

There was a point in my life, when I decided I was no longer going to remain in that place of darkness & refused to view myself as a VICTIM of life. Therefore, I worked on myself & decided I would help others break this cycle in their lives & that off the next generation.

Had I not decided to quit blaming others & break that VICTIM Mentality, I would have remained as I was, not trained in Forensic Psychology, pursued further training as a Therapist & you'd certainly not be reading this today...

Having said that, lets return to my questions. How long are u going to keep using that excuse? Haven't you cried & suffered enough to move on?

Have you not noticed that others are tired of your excuses, so its time you did the same?

Click the link below 👇 to find out more about our services, & we will be delighted to SERVE you xe.

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