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(Stand Out and Re-establish Yourself)

(Gain Mastery Over Your Thoughts to Ascend without Despair)!

  • Are you ready to challenge yourself to leave Mediocre behind?

  • Do you want to learn how to start taking charge of your life, so you can begin working towards your goals?

  • Are you tired of not getting the outcomes you want in life despite all your efforts?

  • Do you want to learn how to take charge of your thoughts and remain focused on all your goals?

  • Are you ready to rise from your current position and Soar beyond your endless possibilities?


Then, watch this short video below for more information before booking

Are you ready to learn how to Challenge your Intrusive thoughts and Create a Paradigm Shift, in order to Dream Again & Achieve your goals?


Our Services
  • Get ready to strengthen your relationships and create peace within your home

  • Get ready to restore and build purposeful relationships that will transform your future

  • Get ready to discover your purpose and live a fulfilled life

  • Get ready to take charge of your life & make positive Impact throughout your lifespan

  • Get ready to break those barriers this year

  • Get ready to gain Insight into yourself, rise above obstacles & S.O.A.R

  • Get ready to transform your life & leave Mediocre behind.

Family Therapy image

Family/Individual Therapy Option:

There are two versions of this therapy option. The first option includes completing all five modules across 6 months whilst the second, includes parts of modules 1-3 completed in 3 months depending on your personal commitment.

Breakdown of both programmes: 

  • 90 minutes x 20 Virtual sessions across 6 months.

  • 60 minutes x 10 Virtual sessions across 3 months.

  • Once a week flexible delivery patterns of either AM /PM session.

  • Life Changing Personal assignments and reflection.

  • Insight and Awareness into your learning history

  • Understanding Personal Rules and how they work.

  • Identify your Personal Rules and learn how to adjust them.

  • Discovering and understanding the link between beliefs and attitudes.

  • Creating a Paradigm Shift to revolutionise your Life.

  • Understanding Affirmations and how to use them effectively.

  • Effective emotional management strategies.

Therapy Outcomes:​

  • You will learn how to create a Paradigm Shift in order to Dream Again & Achieve your goals.

  • You will  learn to identify & understand Personal Rules together with your Beliefs System, and how they impact your thought process.​

  • You will gain clear strategies  on how to Challenge & Break Distorted Thoughts Patterns.

  • You will Understand the concept of Cognitive Dissonance & identify personal thinking biases impacting your life.

  • You will wave goodbye to Mental health, Emotional difficulties & Psychological Issues! 

  • You will be able to identity & increase your Awareness of Personal triggers and how to manage them, so you are always in control, regardless of the circumstances.

  • You will gain a better understanding of affirmations and how you can reverse, your negative internal dialogue! 

  • You will learn to discover and understand your Authentic Self, so you can S.O.A.R with Confidence. 

  • You will gain an understanding of how to navigate all areas of your Life, so you can thrive without issues linked with the different types of Self-Esteem. 

  • You will gain a clear Perception of Yourself, the World and Others, so you can rebuild and establish new Positive and Purposeful Relationships. 

  • You will have Clarity on your Life Goals, dream big and S.O.A.R above Endless Possibilities. 

  • You will receive freedom from all past trauma and be able to live a wholesome, happy and fulfilled lifestyle, without looking backwards. 

  • You will learn to face all Obstacles head on, live life forward & Release the Infinite Potential within You!

Couples Therapy Image

Couples Therapy Option:

Our couples therapy session is for you, if you want to strengthen your relationship and build a steadfast marriage that will last throughout the storms of life. This option is also for you if you want to learn how to forgive yourself and your spouse, from the pain of infidelity and Affair-Proof your Relationship.

Therapy Inclusion:

  • 90 Minutes of Virtual Therapy session.

  • Once a week flexible delivery pattern either AM /PM session.

  • 10 sessions of couples therapy across 3 months.

  • Life changing bespoke personal assignments and reflection.

  • Understanding the root cause of conflict in your relationship.

  • Discovering your communication style and effective communication skills.

  • Understanding love languages and how to fulfil each others' needs.

  • Resolving conflict & strengthening your relationship.

Outcomes of Couples Therapy Sessions: 

  • You will have a better sex life and sexual fulfilment.

  • You will have a better relationship with your your spouse.

  • You will learn to build a stronger bond and friendship with your partner.

  • You will have joy and peace within your home.

  • You will gain an ignited passion and desire for each other.

  • You will learn how to openly communicate with each other without judgements.

  • You will learn how to establish trust and honesty in your relationship.

  • You will gain the ability to forgive each other and restrengthen your relationship.

  • You will learn how to prevent emotional, physical and psychological abuse within your marriage.

  • You will learn how to affair-proof your relationship and establish quality time with each other.

  • You will have a steadfast marriage relationship that will withstand the storms, preventing divorce and/or separation.

  • You will learn how to disagree effectively without ongoing conflict

Male character

"Working with Eunice was so easy with her relaxed style. She made me and the client feel at ease from the beginning. Therapy was structured, yet it felt like we were all just having a conversation.

Eunice was able to get to grips with working with a Deaf Client very easily, and was ready to listen if I had any advice. She worked with me the interpreter very professionally.

I feel she was able to turn things around in a big way for the client, as things had visibly improved by the end of the sessions. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Eunice if you are needing therapy. With her relaxed yet professional style, you can not go wrong"

Working with Eunice

Eunice Alloh

Eunice will assist you on your journey of self discovery and mastery, to leave mediocre behind, wave goodbye to all Mental health and Psychological difficulties, and to liberate yourself from all forms of bondage!
Eunice will push you out of your comfort zone, challenge you to reach deeper into your subconscious and help keep you accountable on your self mastery and transformation journey!
Eunice will assist you with gaining Insight and Clarity in your life, help you heal from (Past Pain, Abuse, Trauma & Wounds), to effectively handle any future challenges that you encounter.

Eunice will help you restore broken relationships and re-establish new purposeful relationships, so you can DARE to DREAM AGAIN & S.O.A.R - (Stand-Out & Re-establish Yourself)!

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