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Our Believe

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed, only if there is light from within". 

      Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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As humans we all go through challenges in life which either makes or breaks us, depending on your outlook. Some of these challenges are within our control and others are not. Regardless of whether we expect them or not, these experiences & challenges of life, have a way of impacting our lives in the present & future...

Here at One Voice Therapy we believe in taking action with urgency, in order to raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences & psychological issues, plaguing individuals, society and many families. 


One Voice Therapy Limited emerged out of personal and professionals encounters, and a passion to inspire and support people & the community, to live life to the maximum without being enslaved by past experiences.


As an organisation we are driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, respect, passion and have a strong foundation of care & support for our clients.


To learn more about us, how we can help or get involve, contact us using the above details or follow our social media platforms. 

Client Testimonials

Little girl character

Hannah (age -14)

"Eunice's service was good because she made my parents see sense. She helped us communicate better and helped me realise there was certain imperfections in my behaviour.


She helped us to get along better as a family so if I was to give advise to someone in my position, I would recommend Eunice as she helped transform my family life". 

Female Character

Rose (age -39)

"Eunice helped me with the problems I was having with my son's school and social services. When things got too much for me, Eunice was a voice of calm in the storm keeping me out of trouble. 

When my family broke down, Eunice helped us to mend the fences so we could start talking to each other again. My family is still together because of the work we did with her.


I would definitely recommend Eunice for counselling and therapy work if you are struggling with your mental health or just want to strengthen your relationships"

Little boy character

John (age-15)

"In the sessions with Eunice, I learnt better communication skills and how to communicate better with my mum, so I can keep boundaries and don’t go too far.”

Woman character

Vera (age -56)

"I found Eunice easy to talk to, she is very professional and always checked I understand what to do in practice.

The homework was very difficult I found however hard work brings results . When things did not go as well as I thought it will, Eunice would always encourage me and go through with me, what happened and what to avoid next time . I learnt to be responsible for my behaviour not my husband or daughter’s behaviour.

Moving forward now I can honestly say that therapy for me was absolutely what I needed . When I feel I am tired or like things can quickly get out of hand. I hear my daughter’s tone in my head stop and say I need time to think and walk away and keep repeating this to myself.

My relationship with my daughter and husband has improved. Although my daughter’s behaviour still needs a lot of work I am in a better place now.

I would recommend Eunice most definitely to a family/friend. I would say though be prepared to work hard and you will see results".

Little girl character

Amy (age-16)

“Eunice helped my mum to learn how to manage her herself and calm down, so she can communicate with me and that helped our relationship a lot.”

Woman character

Lora (age-45)

"When I first started therapy I was a bit defensive and uncomfortable, but as we went through I became 10 times more comfortable and now I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t worked with Eunice. She has a way of calming people down and knows how to talk to people to keep things calm. 


She gave personal examples of her life and that helped me to see that it doesn’t matter if things are hard, because you can always work on things if you don't give-up. I was able to work with my children, learnt not to give-up and how to look after myself more so I can work with my teenagers.


Since I started therapy, loads of my friends have been asking "why do you look so happy and calm have you got a new man or something?" but I told them no I’ve just been doing therapy and working on myself. 


I tell everybody I know that Eunice is really good to work with".

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