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Increasing Awareness of Psychological Barriers

SELF-HARM is not something most of us talk about & when we do, we often focus on the Obvious signs of "cutting yourself" or "suicidal attempts".

Do you know that there're many other signs of Self-HARM that we miss because we don't know how to detect them so we're unable to deal with the root cause!

Do you realise that Hoarding or Buying & collecting things you don't need but can't get rid off, is a sign of SELF-HARM linked with attachment issues?

Are you aware that apologising for everything outside your control & blaming yourself for things is also another sign!

Do you realise that saying things like "I'm Stupid" & "can never do or get anything right...", is also a form of SELF-HARM linked with underlying issues with your INTERNAL DIALOGUE & Beliefs System?

Do you realise that the reason you're Pulling Out your Hair, Brushing your Teeth till it Bleeds or inflicting other forms of pain on yourself, is because you believe "you're no good & need to be punished?

Are you aware that the reason you're exercising excessively & can't seem to stop or feel bad for missing a session, is due to Psychological Barriers of SELF-LOATHE/ HATRED, & not because you want to be Fit & Healthy?

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