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Identity Barriers contributes to Vision!

Updated: May 3, 2021


You respond to this question with, what you do for a living & your credentials, because you LACK clarity and perception of your TRUE SELF (IDENTITY)!

You say things like, “I’m not sure but then again, does anyone really know who they are in the world we live in today”!

You tell yourself that “it’s ok to go along with what everyone else is doing or wants”, because it stops you from having to deal with your insecurities and discomfort of not having a clear understanding of who You truly are!

You become defensive and flippant in your response to others, when they insinuate or hint that you lack identity, because you thought you were doing such a good job at pretending you did!

You jump from one relationship to the other, simply because you don’t like or love yourself enough to enjoy your own company, because you are oblivious to your likes & dislikes in life or relationships!

You join in with gossip & put other people down, because it makes you feel good about yourself & fit in with others!

You spend money you don’t have & are constantly shopping for new things to keep-up with Appearances & Others, because it makes you look good even though you’re secretly crying yourself to bed & drowning in DEBT!

What if you could honestly answer this question of “who are you?”, without choking over your words or filling your response with “eems” or “mmms”, because you are aware of your true identity and core being!

Would you take the Opportunity?

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